Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

[JAPAN] Great cities: Nara ♥

Hello everyone ♥

I hope you're all having nice autumn days!
Today I want to show you some pictures from my daytrip to Nara~
After visiting Kyoto last week on Saturday, I decided to go to this pretty city one day later, Sunday ♥

I decided to just stay in Nara park since most of the World Heritage sights are located there and it's a really huuuge park :D

First stop was Kofukuji with beautiful five-story Pagoda!

  After visiting Kofukuji I wanted to walk to Todaiji temple directly but since this park is so big I lost my way a bit (again) ^^'' But luckily I saw this sign on the sidewalk and decided to take a look:

... aaand I found a reaaally cute Vintage Shop and Café!

The menu card was in scrapbook style~ ♥

That's how it looked inside! typically Japanese and nicely decorated~
Plus it was on 2nd floor so you had a nice view over the roofs of Nara  ♥

And here is what I ordered:

*__* Sooo delicious! Even better than it looks haha ♥ ♥

So after this wonderful refreshment I tried to find Todaiji temple again...

...and succeeded! :D

Todaji temple! 

Inside was this huuuuuge Buddha statue!!

I took so much pictures of deer, they were sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuteee awww ♥ much love!

After that I walked to Tamukeyama-Hachimangu shrine!

Ema! I also wrote one but I won't tell you ♥

It was late afternoon already when I walked to my next destination, Kasuga-Taisha shrine!

I also couldn't resist to buy some deer cookies and feed them ^////^ I think they'll probably get more than enough of these cookies but well... look at them! :D They're just too cute!

Kasuga-Taisha shrine!
In front of this shrine is a road with thousands of lanterns!! It was quite impressive!

I walked along this long road and it brought me back to where I started in the morning ♫

All in all, it was a very nice day in Nara ♥ Again I walked for many hours but it wasn't exhausting because there was just so much to see! Although there were many tourists in Nara park, I still think it has a nice atmosphere, especially in the evening. You could also stay there and just relax! ^-^

Maybe I should come here again someday and visit more places in the city, but for just one day staying in Nara park was perfect. ♫

So that was my second weekend in Kansai and the third weekend also already passed waah I need to keep up with my postings ;)

But that's all for today, thanks for reading!