Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

Preparations + Newest Buys ♥

Hello lovelies, how are you? ♥

This is my last week in Germany before I move to Japan and South Korea for 6 months and I'm (still) reeeally excited! ^__^ I spend all the time crazily running around, planning things, making last buys and so on! I guess this behavior is normal (at least I hope so~ ) Also, I started packing the things I will take with me and it's quite difficult to choose what to take and what to leave!

♥ Two books about Japanese and Korean Lifestyle! I got these as a gift from my friends!

♥Random picture of feminist cookie! I think those are so cool!

Also, I want to show you some of my recent buys:

♥ Manhattan Eyemazing Effect eyeshadow + Manhattan x Bonnie Strange limited edition nail polish

I really like these colours! Has anyone got the same? Can't wait to try them!

♥ W ♥ C by Chinatsu Wakatsuki skull pullover

Aww, I'm so happy I've got it now! I really like w ♥ c clothing, it's so colourful and creative!

I can't wait to wear it for autumn/winter! I've heard winter in Japan and South Korea could get quite cold?
Here are some inspirational pictures:

(Pictures found on Tumblr)
Sorry for all the decoration, I tried a new purikura mobile app :D
That's it for today! Thanks for reading.
And if anyone of you is in Japan at the same time, please let me know!

Have a nice day ♥

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Concert summer ♥

Hello dear readers,

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy Friday the 13th? haha~

As part of my diary blog entries I wanted to write a post about the concerts/festivals I visited this summer! I looove going to concerts, it's one of my favourite things to do <3

I didn't go to many/expensive concerts or festivals this year because I wanted to save up for Japan... and because of that I haven't bought tickets for some of the concerts I really wanted to see like Lana del Rey, CocoRosie or Emilie Autumn ;_; But anyways, I did quite enjoy the concerts I could go to !

* Betty Dittrich and The Baseballs

I went to see Betty Dittrich at an Open Air Concert and luckily The Baseballs played afterwards, who were really good as well ^__^
If you don't know her, Betty is a really cute girl that performs german songs inspired by the 60s and 70s! <3
Although it rained (unfortunately) we all wore flowers in our hair and I could dress in Vintage clothes, it was nice!
The Baseballs are quite popular in Germany, I guess? They had a lot of fans in the audience! They play modern songs from Rihanna, etc. with Rock'n'Roll music , good for dancing <3

* Tocotronic

I saw them at the wonderful 'Folklore Festival' in Wiesbaden, Germany! It was my first time seeing them and I was soo happy! They have such intelligent and moving lyrics, I really enjoy listening to their music for several years now!

* Frittenbude

This german band that is actually named 'fries' is maybe not that popular now, but they're really good and I like their attitude :) They are against discrimination, etc. On their shows everyone gets crazy and as you can see people in costumes were dancing around haha~

* Jennifer Rostock

I think this was probably the best concert of all *__* I love love love this women, she's so crazy and hot and has an amazing voice! Many of my friends don't really like her music, so I had to go to her concert at Folklore alone while my friends watched some other bands, but it was totally worth it!!! I had to wait two hours to get a place in the front row, it was very difficult! But during the concert I was just so moved and happy I needed to cry the whole time ^^' Jennifer even came down to her fans and I could hold her hands, I was very happy about it! I definitely want to go to a Jennifer Rostock concert again!

* Laing

They also played at Folklore so we spontaneously decided to watch their performance! ^_^ They were really cool and elegant! In Germany, they had a popular song this year, called 'Ich bin morgens immer müde' (I'm always tired in the morning) haha~

*Paramore *___*

Do I need to say anything about this concert? It was amazing! We went to see Paramore in Neu Isenburg, a town near Frankfurt! Hayley Williams has so much energy, it's just crazy! They played some of their most famous songs like 'decode' or 'ignorance', but also some songs from their newest album!

Besides that I visited concerts from sookee, a really cool lady and women's rights activist, and Folk Noir, who play medieval-inspired acoustic music

As you can see, I really like many different styles of music ^-^ Which kind of music do you like?
Also, I would love to go to a concert while I'm in Japan! Who knows? Maybe I'm lucky~

( Sorry for the blurry pictures, I couldn't take any good ones unfortunately, but I wanted to post them anyway! )

P.s.: I'm so happy I passed my driver's licence test this monday! I was afraid I couldn't make it and would have to wait until I'm back in Germany next year, but luckily everything went well ^-^

Only 11 days till my flight, yay ^__^

I wish you all a nice evening!

Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Shopping: Katie Fall & Winter 2013 Collection

                                     Lolita Heart,  Baby Swan...
                                                 French Maid & Sweetened Discipline!!
Hello lovelies! How are you? ♪
One of my most favourite brands ever, Katie, has released their Fall&Winter 2013 collection and I want to show you some pictures~ ^-^
The collection is called 'Very Lingerie!!' and what can i say... I love it ♥ ♥
I'm so in love with all lingerie-inspired clothing in general, be it lots of frills and ruffles, creepy-cute fetish and babydoll ones, 50s-Style, or everything at once haha ♥ And the new Katie Collection is no exception *-*
Now on to the pictures~

 Pastels & Red is such an awesome combination ♥ I will definitely try this for autumn ^-^

Lovely Katie bags ♪

 ...aaand these gorgeous pins *-* I need all of them ♥

(Pictures taken from their Official Website)
On Katie's website you can find more lovely coords from their newest clothing!
So, I am, as expected, completely in love with the new collection... what do you think?
I get super excited when I think about my trip to Japan and that I will actually be able to visit the Katie store in person~ This is a dream come true for me!!
That's it for now, I wish you all a wonderful week!