Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

[JAPAN] Great cities: Kyoto ♥

Hello mermaids~ ♥


This is my quite picture-heavy post about my daytrip to beautiful Kyoto!!
It was my first time visiting this amazing city so I was really excited ♥ Unfortunately I haven't had the time to plan my trip better so I did something very touristic and reserved a seat at the Kyoto World Heritage Tour bus xD 
This bus takes you to the most famous places in Kyoto and you can just hop on / hop off as you like! While you're on the bus you even get some information about Kyoto, very interesting~
Maybe 2500 yen was not so cheap but oh well I don't mind because I didn't have to plan a lot, could just enjoy my trip and even learn a few historical facts about the city!

There were soo many interesting places, I really couldn't decide what to visit ^__^ I could have easily spent much more time in Kyoto than just one day!

My first destination was beautiful Nijo castle:

The weather was, like every day, so so great!


In front of Nijo castle!

Beautiful garden ♥

Nijo castle was a very interesting place! I liked the wall paintings inside very much ♥ ( but it wasn't allowed to take pictures! ) Also, the flooring that makes a sound with every step to prevent the castle from unbidden guests was very interesting and funny to walk on ^^

My next stop was at Golden Temple Kinkakuji!

Wow!!! So impressive! 
I just stood there for a few minutes and watched the beautiful landscape ♥

Real gold was used for this! ^-^

At Kinkakuji you could try to throw a coin into the basin and if you strike you'll have a happy life~
And guess what? First coin was a success ahaha ♥ Now nothing in my life can ever go wrong again... I suppose ;)

On my way back to the bus stop I saw many cute shops!

So, the third stop I made was at Heian shrine!

In front of the shrine a girl about my age asked me if she could be my guide ^-^ She was a volunteer guide! So I said yes and she told me a lot of things about the shrine and explained the different buildings, so interesting! She also is studying German so we talked a lot about Japan and Germany, it was really nice!

At the shrine there was an exhibition of beautiful flower arrangements *__*

Waah! So lucky I could see this!!

My fourth and last destination on that day was famous temple Kiyomizudera!
On my way to the temple I saw so many women wearing Kimono, soo beautiful ♥ ♥

And here are the pictures I took of Kiyomizudera:

The view was absolutely amazing!! 
One of the prettiest places I saw in my whole life haha ♥

For dinner I ate this near the temple~

Aww ♥ And that already was my day at Kyoto! I fell so much in love with this beautiful city! So much to see, so many interesting places ♥ I want to go there again!! And maybe see Maiko!

Have you ever been to Kyoto? Which places should I visit when I go there next time?

In the evening I went back to the station and took a last picture:

Goodbye Kyoto, see you again soon! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. wow, all of those pictures are so beautiful! *___*

    1. thanks for your comment <3
      Kyoto in real life is even more beautiful, such a nice city! <3

  2. Kyoto... oh! ♥
    I enjoyed the days there so much although I wasn't there often.
    I especially enjoyed walking through Gion in the night.
    I haven't been to the Kinkakuji but Ginkakuji since it has a bigger meaning for me. But it looks very nice at Kinkakuji.
    At Kiyomizudera I was a bit sad since the atmosphere was so bad for me... The people... those oracle things... I hated it.

    1. Walking through Gion is indeed a wonderful thing to do <3 I should try to do it at night next time! ^-^ And I also want to visit Ginkakuji! And Sanjusangendo! So many things to do haha <3