Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

[JAPAN] Great cities: Osaka ♥ Shopping at Osaka station part 2 + I've won a Giveaway!!

Greetings to all mermaids out there! ♥ This is final part 2 about my shopping day at Osaka station ~

Osaka has so many stylish people, wow!!  I enjoyed strolling through the streets there so much!
To complete my picture spam of this day, here are the other wonderful gyaru shops located in Lucua shopping center: ( part 1 )

Honey Bunch ♥

Cecil McBee! 
One of the first shops I really fell in love with when I first discovered gyaru fashion ♥

You can often see small signs that tell you in which magazine this clothing item was featured, I think that's so cool! They should do that in Germany too! It's fun to know that you wear the same fashion item as, for example, your favourite model haha~

Elegant Murua store!

And some more pictures from SWIMMER/Chocoholic <3 All their items are soo cute! *-*

The other pins I've mentioned in previous postings!

Another really cute shop staff girl! 

... and right besides the gyaru shops you can get your nails done! :D Very practical!

There also was a Topshop where I found this cozy sweater! I want it!! Soo good for winter <3 

And now, as you could read in the title of this post: something magical happened! I've won a Giveaway!! :D 

This was a big surprise for me, because I've never won a Giveaway before ( and didn't think it would happen any soon)
The Giveaway was hosted by stylish German blogger Yulie Kendra and my prize is this beautiful vintage red bowknot dress!! Ahhh  ♥ ♥ ♥

I joined this Giveaway because the dress reminded me of an evening gown from one of my favourite movies, 'Moulin Rouge' ^////^  ♥
I'm so happy I've won it!
But, unfortunately, I will have to wait for 5 months 'till I can open the package! ^^' But oh well, at least now I have one more good reason to go back home after my journey I suppose ;)

That's all for today! Thanks for reading and have a nice evening~

Sonntag, 17. November 2013

Recent Buys + Hair Styling Ideas ♥

Hello everyone,
Today I'd like to show you some small recent buys + gifts I got in Osaka! ^-^
Let's start~

1. Jesus Diamante Shop bag ♥

The Shop staff at JD was so nice to give me this as a present ^-^ I like to collect japanese shops' bags, they are so useful and pretty!

with Marie Antoinette on it ♥

2. Angel pin from SWIMMER

Beautiful fawn wrapping paper ♥

Instant love  ♥ ♥
I got this pin at Lucua shopping center! They had a few more and I loved every single one *-* Couldn't decide! 

You can use it as a brooch or hair pin I think ^-^ 
I really like it and want to wear it with clothing from Katie!

3. Lip Dress in Bright Red Luxury

I saw the ad for this in Zipper magazine and thought I'd try it ^-^ 
Also, the packaging looks really cute!

It comes in 4 different colourways! Nude/Peach, Soft Pink, Pink and Red ♥

Lip Dress advertisement with Amo ♥

(Another picture I found on Tumblr)

Red is my favourite colour~

And here are two pictures from SWIMMER Official facebook page with styling ideas!
They had even more pins but I liked those two the most ( especially mermaid pin *-* I like mermaid stuff!)

Soo cute! I want to try a hairstyle like this!!

Maybe I'll get these two pins too? ^-^ 

Thanks for reading!!

P.S. I left Osaka and stay in Saitama right now! 
I took the bus from Osaka to Tokyo Shinjuku station *-* First time in Tokyo, I can't describe how happy I was!!  
There will be a few more postings from Osaka and afterwards from Saitama/Tokyo! ^-^ ♥


Samstag, 2. November 2013

[JAPAN] Great cities: Osaka ♥ Shopping at Osaka station part 1

Hello lovelies, a belated Happy Halloween to all of you!

This time I want to show you some pictures from my third weekend in Osaka ^-^
I took the train to Osaka station because I wanted to visit Jesus Diamante store which is nearby! You can find the store if you walk to Umeda Sky Building which you can see from the station ^-^

nice shop front ♥

...aaand inside the shop! It was sooo huuuge *O*

everything looked so elegant *-* I especially love JD shoes, they look simply amazing ♥ All ruffles and bows and flowers and just... wooow ♥ ♥

Too bad that Jesus Diamante is so expensive >////< I could've bought everything! But I think I will rather see if I can find somethin from JD at Closet Child haha~

After that I went back to Osaka station because there is Lucua shopping center located! ♥

 rainy day~

 At Lucua:

chocoholic by SWIMMER!

 with chocoholic shop staff!
I liked her outfit, perfect for autumn ♥

so many cute things ♥ I also bought something...! (will show it in my next post)

Gyaru shops~

*-* okay okay I have to stop now, too many pictures! As you can see it's a really nice place for shopping! I didn't even know of this shopping center when I came to Osaka.. I think Shibuya 109 Abeno and Shinsaibashi OPA are the most famous ones... but still Lucua is definitely worth a visit! I will show you the other shops and my latest buys in the next part of this post! ♥

And please tell me... How did you celebrate Halloween? ^-^  I'm curious about everyone's creepy stories!

Have a nice day! ♥