Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

What makes me feel alive ♥

Hello everyone, how are you ?

Today was very exciting for me, because you know what?
!! I booked my flight to Japan !! ^___^

Yes, it finally has come true, in about one month I will move to Japan and start my Work and Travel  journey through Japan and South Korea <33
This journey means everything to me, I have wanted to go to Japan since I was 11 years old so you can imagine how overly excited I am right now *__*
I booked my flight at sta travel, I can really recommend them to everyone who wants to do Work and Travel, they are experienced with this kind of customers ;) Plus: although I could only book my flight one month before the price was still good I think~
The shop where I bought my flight ticket ^-^ <3

What I will do: It was clear to me that I will try my best to fulfill my lifetime dream, travelling to Asia, after I've finished school. I thought about what kind of experience I want to make and found that "WWOOFing" will be the right choice for me :) If you don't know about it, I will talk about what WWOOFing is and why I wanted to do this in a later post <3 Now I'm looking forward to a nearly 6-month stay in my two beloved countries.

Not every station of my journey is confirmed yet, but I guess that's part of the experience and it's a bit exciting to not know exactly where the journey will go ^__^
My first stop will be Osaka, Japan!
And, as I stated in my very first post on this blog, I'm planning to use this blog as a kind of diary so there will be posts about my journey and lots of cute stuff regularly :)

Please note: I will update this post and add pictures as soon as I'll come to my pc again, I was just too excited and needed to make a post about it immediately ^__^

Have a nice day <3

Montag, 19. August 2013

[GERMANY] Great cities: Berlin ♥ part 1

Hi everyone

How are you?  First of all, thanks to my first blog followers! I'm motivated to keep this blog very active from now on, promise ^__^

This time I want to write about my two trips to Berlin this year! Although I live in Germany I somehow never managed to visit our capital city. But since I've got a lot of free time this year I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful city twice, for one week each. Each time I went by bus and/or train and it took a looong time to get there, almost 12 hours!! My first journey to Berlin was very busy and I didn't manage to take much pictures. We did a loooot of sightseeing, made a bus tour through the city, visited all the famous places like the 'Rotes Rathaus', 'Alexanderplatz', 'Fernsehturm', 'Brandenburger Tor', 'Berliner Mauer' (the Berlin Wall) and so on!

Das Rote Rathaus

Der Berliner Fernsehturm <3

We visited the German Bundestag (parliament) and saw all the most popular German politicians at a discussion, even Bundeskanzlerin (I don't know the English word... Federal Chancellor?) Angela Merkel! xD Afterwards we could even talk to some politicians, it was very exciting! We also visited the 'Auswärtiges Amt' ( Federal Foreign Office) and took a guided tour! 
Besides that, we visited many museums! Berlin has a whole lot of different museums, many of them have free entry! 
In the evenings, we took a walk and discovered many beautiful bars and café's, one of my favourites was the 'Tadschikische Teestube' (picture taken from their website): 

They had the most amazing tea varieties I've tasted in my whole life haha *-* Everything was so beautiful and comfortable in this tearoom! We didn't want to leave~ It is small and a bit hidden, but was definitely worth searching for. Also, it's near to the 'Hakesche Höfe' where many small arts and crafts stores, galleries and a cinema are located so we took a midnight walk over there ^-^

On another evening, we visited the famous Berlin Shopping street Ku'damm and went to Hard Rock Café Berlin where we drank some of their delicious cocktails and I bought a cocktail glass and my second Hard Rock Café pin (first one from Prague last year) ♥ I collect them now! 

 Somehow Bavarian - looking pin xD

All in all, it was a great first visit to Berlin! There's so much more to tell about the beautiful restaurants and places we visited, but since I didn't take enough pictures it's a bit boring xD so I will talk a bit more about my second trip (with more pictures) next time! 

Have you been to Berlin before? 

That's it for now, part 2 will follow soon!

Have a nice evening

Mittwoch, 14. August 2013

Giveaway: Sincerely Dolly's Eyemazing Giveaway

Hello lovelies! ^__^

So, I don't participate in much giveaways usually, but this one is simply too cute to not do it!

One of my favourite blogs, Sincerely, Dolly, is hosting a giveaway  including
Revlon ColorStay crayon eyeliner, romantic compact mirror, Emoda pouch, ELF 'sea escape' eye shadow palette and wonderful EYEMAZING Eyelashes Harajuku Doll Series in Neko Eye, produced by amazing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu *__*
I love to wear false eyelashes and I'm a great fan of Kyary so I really need to win this giveaway haha~
The Emoda pouch is very pretty as well ♪ Wish me luck!

If you want to participate too take a look over here: 

Please enter Sincerely Dolly's Blog Giveaway!

Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

Shopping: Liz Lisa Autumn/Winter Collection

Hello mermaids,

How are you?
I hope you're all having a nice summer!
Japanese Gyaru brand LIZ LISA already launched their a/w collection 2013 and I wanted to show you some pictures
Their Season Concept is "Royal Wonderland: French Retro and Pop" !

 This one is my favourite outfit ^///^ It looks so cute and I think her hairstyle is really nice! I like Liz Lisa clothing very much, it's all girly and retro and lots of flower patterns... lovely! Also, you can easily wear it in daily life
 Liz Lisa was founded in the late 1990's and is very popular in japanese Gyaru fashion ♪ 
When I go to Japan this autumn I will definitely go shopping at their Shibuya 109 store! ^-^

I love the pattern of these dresses *-*

Pictures taken from Liz Lisa's homepage and Official facebook page

Have a nice day!