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[JAPAN] Great cities: Osaka ♥ Shopping at Tennouji part 3

Hi everyone,
This is the final part 3 of my report about last weekend at Tennouji!
Here are more pictures from lovely Shibuya 109 Abeno!
Hoey Bunch! They had a really nice commercial featuring SNSD!


After that we walked through the other parts of Q's mall Shopping Center, it's really big!
They have a great Food Corner...

...aaand other cute shops!


But after a short time we went back again to Shibuya 109 Abeno! :DD It was just too good ♥
The store I was most happy about was definitely TRALALA!!
I really adore Liz Lisa / Tralala clothing and the shop was so so pretty ♥

They also had special Halloween costumes, Alice-style!

Again, we asked two adorable shop staff girls if I could take a picture with them and they also said yes *__*

They both looked soo adorable ♥ ♥ And they were so kind and friendly! We talked for a while and they asked me questions about why I'm in Japan and so on, and they also wanted to take a picture with me!!!! */////* 
And then, the girl on the right, Kurumi, gave me a little Tralala accessory bag with Polka dots ^___^ And she put a small paper inside with the link to Tralala's official blog printed on it and said I should check it because they might upload our picture *_____*
That was.. too much for me :D I couldn't take it! I nearly started to cry because I was so happy ^////^'
After that I needed a break from fashion so we went to several other shops instead: 

Arts & Crafts store

Outside Q's-mall was a-capella contest that day!

Anime merchandise store!
Q's-mall from outside!

And at last Tsutaya

They had a lot of really cute mooks! I want the Liz Lisa ones! ♥

milk mook with pretty umbrella, can you spot it?

Ribbon Magazine! xD I had to take a picture of this because it reminded me of when I was younger. I was (and still am ^^') a great fan of Arina Tanemura's mangas and always wanted to have Ribbon Magazine because that's where she always published her newest manga!

I bought a CD from Kyary! ♥
We wanted to meet up again the next day and take Purikura and go to OPA and Angelic Pretty but this went not really according to plan... From my host family's house to the next train station it takes about 30 minutes normally... but unfortunately I completely lost my way and ended up walking over two hours 'till I finally arrived at the station -.- Since it was still over 30°C hot this was not very nice... when I finally arrived at Tennouji station I couldn't find Natsuko and so we missed each other unfortunately -__- I had several other problems to solve on that day as well so I ended up running around without really doing something nice -.-
To not be completely frustrated I decided to visit Q's-mall again in the evening before I go back home!

I found Algonquins store!

And took a picture with Spiral Girl shop staff! She looked so pretty and elegant ♥ And also talked a little in English with me haha ♥
I also went to Tralala again and Kurumi, the shop staff girl, remembered me and talked to me again *__* And she told me that our picture was already uploaded on Tralala Abeno's blog!!
I was so happy about it ♥
You can find the blog entry over here:
Once again I was a bit upset because I looked so messed up that day -___- But I'm happy about this blog entry anyway~ ^^

So that was my weekend at Tennouji ^__^
PS: I talked to Natsuko in the meantime and we will meet up again ♥ So I feel not so bad now anymore!
Have a nice day ♥

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