Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Baby Heart Bunny ♫ ( aka Shopping: Amo's Lunatic Lemony Lollipop Collection ! )

Hello mermaids,

Today I'm a little bit in Halloween mood haha!
The last several days I saw so much cute Halloween stuff, I can't resist, I'm already looking forward to it! ♥ ♥
I want to show you some pictures from the awesome costume and wigs collection 'Lunatic Lemony Lollipop' produced by lovely Amo!! ♫

So lovely, right? I especially like the black Rabbit Veil *-* I might get it if I see it in store somewhere ♥

All pictures taken from their website !! ♫ ♥
Please check it out, you can find even more cute outfits/accessoires there!

So, I want to know.. which one do you like most? And have you already made some plans for Halloween??

Have a nice day ♥


  1. omg I like every single one!! so cute! lemme see... hmm... I could not decide! >.< I think the maid one and the nun costume are very special and cute! Maybe I'd try the nun :D

    1. I could not decide either!! ^////^ maybe I'd try maid or angel one haha <3 but I also like the nun costume! :D

  2. Amo ist wirklich toll. Ich mag ihren Style und fand sie schon in der KeRA immer total cool. ^^

    1. jaa <3 Irgendwie ist sie in den letzten Monaten wirklich eine Inspiration für mich geworden ^///^ so toll!