Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

First days in Japan + Make Up Paradise ♥

Hello lovelies,
How was your week so far?
Another two days in Osaka passed and I'm still very busy! ^__^
There's a lot of work to do at my host family's house and working place! I help doing the most cliché japanese work I can imagine: cleaning and restoring old video games and consoles! I love it! xD Really interesting!
Yesterday one of my host family members asked me if I wanted to take public bus after work (at least I thought so) but was really confused later when I was asked to get myself a towel and shampoo ^^''' actually they meant public BATH lol
So this was my very first time ever visiting ONSEN!! ^____^

Onsen from outside! It was soo good ♥  ♥  But well, I guess it's even better in winter since it's still nearly 30°C outside at the moment..

Also yesterday at work we were given some delicious banana cake and coffee!

Aww! Very delicious (and sweet)! It was yellow cake with white cream and real banana inside! you can't see it very well but from the side the cake also looked like a banana!

Today before dinner I went for a 10-minute walk through Izumi City because I wanted to visit Drugstore Eleven!

Lampions eeeeverywhere!
Beautiful Osaka in the evening ♥
Drug Eleven from Outside...

...aaand Inside! *____* I went in and... kinda freaked out :D It was the first shop I visited and I found it so so awesome! I saw all the Make Up and Beauty Products I've only known from the Internet before!

Palty Haircolour!

Beautiful Tsubasa Masuwaka! *__*

Lots and lots of cute stuff! I could have bought everything :D

Dolly Wink False Eyelashes!! *////*

Beautiful Liquid Eyeliner! Maybe I'll buy it next time!

I was so happy spending time at this shop. I know it's a bit foolish but yeah... maybe I'm a weird person~^^'  It just felt so unreal to be there! I mean.. I wanted to go shopping in Japan since I'm eleven years old and even though it was just a small shop it was very special for me! It even got better when they suddenly played Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Pon Pon Pon! Perfect! Felt like dreaming haha ♥

I had to laugh at this :D kawaii packaged tampons!

More False Eyelashes! So pretty! <33

And of course I also bought a few things.. but it was definitely not my last visit at Drug Eleven!! 

What I bought today:

Pink sparkling small Curling Iron! ^-^ I still have no matching adapter for my Hair Straightener and -Dryer (only phone cable fits -.- ), so this will be very useful! (and cute ^.^)

Cute Lower Lashes I found... I want to buy Dolly Wink ones as well!

...aaand Dolly Wink Upper Lashes 'Dolly Sweet'!! Finally! I alway wanted to buy them but why inconvenient online order when you can just buy them instore ;)

So, that's all for now! Tomorrow is my last working day this week and then on weekend I'm planning to do more sightseeing and shopping in beautiful Osaka!

I wish you all a wonderful day!



  1. Schöne Bilder *__* Ich finde die Packungen von den Wimpern immer so schön. ^^

    1. Danke! ^__^ Ja, geht mir auch so, ich hätte dort alles aufkaufen können hihi ^.~ Soo süß!

  2. Oh, ich möchte auch mal in einen Onsen! ;_; Wie war das so?
    Der Bananenkuchen sieht auch total lecker aus. :3

    Und das kann man sich irgendwie gar nicht vorstellen, dass man die Produkte, die hier so gehyped werden, dort ganz normal in Drogerien etc. kaufen kann. xD Als ob man bei uns zu Rossmann oder DM gehen würde.

  3. Mir hat es total gut gefallen ! ^-^ War natürlich ein bisschen ungewohnt haha~ Aber alle waren sehr nett und haben mir erklärt wie das baden so abläuft! Ich hatte das zwar vorher schon gelesen, aber wenn man dann wirklich da ist, ist das nochmal was anderes ^///^

    Und ja, das ist wirklich so!! Ich kann nie verstehen, wie alle Leute so seelenruhig an den Sachen vorbeigehen können :DD Hach <3 Ich will hier gar nicht mehr weg ;)