Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

[JAPAN] Great cities: Osaka ♥ Shopping at Shinsaibashi OPA

Hello everyone ♥
Now that I finally have Internet again, a new blogpost ♥
On my last weekend in Osaka I visited with two friends of mine the Shinsaibashi shopping district!
Shinsaibashi is a really cool part of Osaka, maybe you could say it's the 'Harajuku of Osaka', very cool and stylish people! It's also where the famous Shinsaibashi OPA shopping center is located, so of course we went there to do some shopping ^-^

One of my favourite shops, jóuetie!

And my first time visiting merry jenny, such a nice store!! I fell in love with a shirt from merry jenny when I saw it on my favourite blog fashionsquid, so when I spotted the shirt in store, I had to buy it ^.^

Many many nice shops!

And, my first visit at ma*rs store!! I was so happy! ^__^

Aww ♥

The shop staff at ma*rs was very friendly and we could talk a bit with the help of my friends ♥

All the best Gyaru shops in one place ♥ You should all definitely go there if you visit Osaka!

Cute roomwear ♥

And Shinsaibashi is not only a good place for Gyaru shopping, but also for Lolita~ I'll show you more pictures in another post! 

Are you already in Christmas - time mood? ^__^ In Japan we had a bit of snow this week! Hope, everyone's fine!

Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

[JAPAN] Great cities: Osaka ♥ Shopping at Osaka station part 2 + I've won a Giveaway!!

Greetings to all mermaids out there! ♥ This is final part 2 about my shopping day at Osaka station ~

Osaka has so many stylish people, wow!!  I enjoyed strolling through the streets there so much!
To complete my picture spam of this day, here are the other wonderful gyaru shops located in Lucua shopping center: ( part 1 )

Honey Bunch ♥

Cecil McBee! 
One of the first shops I really fell in love with when I first discovered gyaru fashion ♥

You can often see small signs that tell you in which magazine this clothing item was featured, I think that's so cool! They should do that in Germany too! It's fun to know that you wear the same fashion item as, for example, your favourite model haha~

Elegant Murua store!

And some more pictures from SWIMMER/Chocoholic <3 All their items are soo cute! *-*

The other pins I've mentioned in previous postings!

Another really cute shop staff girl! 

... and right besides the gyaru shops you can get your nails done! :D Very practical!

There also was a Topshop where I found this cozy sweater! I want it!! Soo good for winter <3 

And now, as you could read in the title of this post: something magical happened! I've won a Giveaway!! :D 

This was a big surprise for me, because I've never won a Giveaway before ( and didn't think it would happen any soon)
The Giveaway was hosted by stylish German blogger Yulie Kendra and my prize is this beautiful vintage red bowknot dress!! Ahhh  ♥ ♥ ♥

I joined this Giveaway because the dress reminded me of an evening gown from one of my favourite movies, 'Moulin Rouge' ^////^  ♥
I'm so happy I've won it!
But, unfortunately, I will have to wait for 5 months 'till I can open the package! ^^' But oh well, at least now I have one more good reason to go back home after my journey I suppose ;)

That's all for today! Thanks for reading and have a nice evening~

Sonntag, 17. November 2013

Recent Buys + Hair Styling Ideas ♥

Hello everyone,
Today I'd like to show you some small recent buys + gifts I got in Osaka! ^-^
Let's start~

1. Jesus Diamante Shop bag ♥

The Shop staff at JD was so nice to give me this as a present ^-^ I like to collect japanese shops' bags, they are so useful and pretty!

with Marie Antoinette on it ♥

2. Angel pin from SWIMMER

Beautiful fawn wrapping paper ♥

Instant love  ♥ ♥
I got this pin at Lucua shopping center! They had a few more and I loved every single one *-* Couldn't decide! 

You can use it as a brooch or hair pin I think ^-^ 
I really like it and want to wear it with clothing from Katie!

3. Lip Dress in Bright Red Luxury

I saw the ad for this in Zipper magazine and thought I'd try it ^-^ 
Also, the packaging looks really cute!

It comes in 4 different colourways! Nude/Peach, Soft Pink, Pink and Red ♥

Lip Dress advertisement with Amo ♥

(Another picture I found on Tumblr)

Red is my favourite colour~

And here are two pictures from SWIMMER Official facebook page with styling ideas!
They had even more pins but I liked those two the most ( especially mermaid pin *-* I like mermaid stuff!)

Soo cute! I want to try a hairstyle like this!!

Maybe I'll get these two pins too? ^-^ 

Thanks for reading!!

P.S. I left Osaka and stay in Saitama right now! 
I took the bus from Osaka to Tokyo Shinjuku station *-* First time in Tokyo, I can't describe how happy I was!!  
There will be a few more postings from Osaka and afterwards from Saitama/Tokyo! ^-^ ♥