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[JAPAN] Great cities: Osaka ♥ Shopping at Shinsaibashi part 3 + recent buys!

Hello dear readers,

I hope you're enjoying winter time, drinking tea and wearing loads of cozy clothing~ ^-^ At least that's what I do!

As promised, this post focuses a bit more on Lolita fashion in Osaka!

Most popular Lolita brands have their shops in Shinsaibashi, I visited Angelic Pretty, Baby, the Stars shine bright, Metamorphose temps de fille, Miho Matsuda, Atelier Pierrot and Innocent World!

My first visit at an IW shop was so good *-* Especially because there was a special Sale at the moment! And... I did something I never did before: I spontaneously decided to buy a new Lolita dress! xD
I tried it on in store and completely fell in love with the design and print ♥ I'll show you pictures later in this post.

Atelier Pierrot!

Btssb! ♥
The shop was quite big~

There was a Lolita Teaparty at Btssb Osaka with AP models as special guests and the shop staff told me that I could join, but unfortunately it was on the day that I left Osaka T__T I was very sad!

In front of the Btssb store with my new big IW bag! :D How shall I stuff this in my suitcase?! 

After Shopping we visited a very cute Maid Café ! 
It was an interesting experience ^-^ All the girls were very friendly, wore cute Maid uniforms, we took polaroids together, they stirred my hot chocolate and draw this cute kitty on my pancakes with chocolate sauce!! ♥

Okay, so.. what's inside my bag~

... IW's Rose and Playing Cards Ladder Lace JSK in brown! 

 (pictures taken from Lolibrary )

I'ts my first Classic Lolita dress and I'm already looking forward to try some Classic coords soon ♥
And here are pictures of the cute shirt I bought at merry jenny:

such a nice packaging!

'promise' print ♥

It was a very nice shopping day! Even better, because we had a nice party with many international guests at my WWOOFing host's house that evening! ^-^ 

But at the same time, it was a bit sad because it was my last evening in Osaka... the last weeks went by so fast!! I will definitely miss Osaka, it's such a nice city with wonderful people, and there are so many more nice places to see that I couldn't visit this time. But at the same time, I was looking forward to my new host in Saitama and my time in Tokyo!!

Bye bye Osaka... see you again soon!

Bonus pic: Even the alcohol is kawaii in Japan xD

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