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3 (+1) Lolita Dream Dresses in your favourite Colourway! ♥

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'3 Lolita Dream Dresses in your favourite Colourway'

I saw some blog posts about this recently and thought it's a nice topic to write about~ ^-^
Since I started wearing Lolita fashion in year 2010 I saw a lot of reaaally gorgeous dresses.
Some of them I'd really like to have!
And then there are some dresses... I'm just completely and madly in love with!! ♥

It can be just a small detail that makes them stand out for me, a print theme I really like, beautiful lace, or, a very unique colourway!
This way I developed, as most Lolitas, a personal Lolita - Wishlist (aka dresses to save money for...)

It's still hard to choose only three of them, but here they are: My most-loved Lolita Dream Dresses down to the present day in my favourite colourway~ ^-^

1. AP Star Night Theater OP in pink

 This was my number one Dream Dress since I've started and I'm happy to own it by now^^ 
I love the Circus theme, the detailed print, the way you can combine so many colours with it, it's just perfect! ♥ I think the black and blue colourways are more popular, but I really like the combination of pink and red! (would love to own it in black too though)

2. AP's Fantastic Dolly in lavender

I wanted this dress almost as long as SNT, but sadly couldn't get my hands on it by now! =_=
I've never seen it in real life, neither in Germany, nor here in Japan, and I also hardly see it on Sale anywhere on the Internet! (Maybe I'm always looking at the wrong time..) 
But, I love it anyway very much and hope to have it one day ♥
The soft pink and lavender colour combined with black, the very cute cosmetics print and the unique collar are what I like most about Fantastic Dolly ♥ If you see it somewhere for Sale, please let me know!

3. AP's Lady Rose JSK in mint

Awww I'm just digging AP's Rose prints ♥ ♥ I already own Tiara Rose in light blue and I would like to have Rose Bouquet in pink as well... 
About Lady Rose I like in particular that it is very elegant yet sweet and that I could wear it in a Hime Gyaru inspired coord ^-^ I love Hime Gyaru! 
I chose the mint colourway because I don't have any mint - coloured Lolita dresses yet, but honestly, I would take it in every colourway! So pretty ♥

( 4. - AP's Dream Sky JSK in light blue )

Aaaand, because I couldn't decide on only 3 dresses, here is a fourth one ♥
I love the cute stars print and that it really looks unlike other Lolita dresses ^-^ It has a more Fairy Kei-like feeling for me and I want to wear it with Accessoires from Nile Perch or Spank! Also, I think it would be good for more casual outfits, creepy-cute coords, and many more! Light blue colourway looks the cutest in my opinion!

So, these are my current Dream Dresses! Do you like them? Of course they're all from Angelic Pretty haha~ Even though I like other brands as well, AP is just my favourite store!
And since I know some of you are also wearing Lolita fashion, please tell me: 

Is there that one dress you always wanted to have? ^-^

Hope you have a nice day!
All pictures taken from hellolace .

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  1. Also ich bin ja jetzt nicht soo into lolita fashion, finde die Kleider aber trotzdem immer atemberaubend schön! <3 Finde fantastic dolly in lavender und lady rose in mint total toll. *A*
    Irgendwann möchte ich auch mal so ein tolles Lolita-Kleid haben. >//< ♥