Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Shopping: Katie Trianon Collection

Hello darlings ♥ 
I'm back from my first journey this year~  It was my first time in wonderful !Paris! and it was so so so amazing! I'm in love with this city
I will post a report of my trip this weekend I think..

But for now I want to write a short post about one of my most favourite shops in Tokyo: Katie!

Katie is a clothing brand with their main shop located in Tokyo! In the shop description on their website it says: 

"TAKI & LINDA's brand "Katie" was born with its core theme of "Girly & Rock steady".
The collection is inspired by TAKI & LINDA's love of music, movie, artists, punkband.......and more!
Katie seeks a style which has a girl's charm.
any girl has a specially power, that is "pretty" side and "dark" side.
Katie fans are aged between 20-30 and are working girls, fashion people, band girls and many other kind of cult girls!"

Sounds lovely, right? ^__^ This fashion is perfect for me because it's really cute but on the other hand it has a darker, deeper side as well! They just recently released their catalogue for spring/summer 2013 and I want to show you some pictures!  ♣ ♠

 I'm already in love with the 'Trianon' collection ♥ I especially like the dress in the upper left corner.. so lovely! The name reminds me of Marie Antoinette's 'Petit Trianon', a small palace placed in the garden of Versailles (which I visited last week ^__^ ).

They also sell very cute accessories! I want to have one of those KATIE rosettes, they're about 2,730 yen! And I want to try the new perfume as well ! ^////^ It smells like cherries, how sweet is that? 

 more cherries  ♪

I think Risa is a perfect model for this collection, she looks so amazing and she's also the shop staff at KATIE ♥ (Although Amo, who modelled in several previous collections, is also adorable!)

I really recommend you checking out their website for more fashion and updates! They're really popular in Japan right now, especially with girls who like Nadia, etc. They have an own blog too and the photos of Courtney Love, kinderwhore and riot grrl imagery on the shop blog make my feminist heart leap for joy ♥ ♥

So, what do you think of the new collection? Let me know in the comments! ^^


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