Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

DIY: How to make a Flower Headband

Hi again :) I hope you are all feeling fine and
!! Happy Valentine's Day !!

So, for my new mermaid blog I wanted to do a short tutorial on how I made my flower headband this week ^__^ I think flowers in your hair can make every day a little bit more special ♥ It's really easy to make your own headband and it's also fun, so maybe you want to try it?

 Maybe you have some of these things already around at home ♥

 You can find artificial flowers at arts and craft stores or online!

And this is the result:

finished ♥
with sleep mask ♥
Sleeping Beauty Headdress ♥ I'm going to add ribbon or lace bows to the uncovered part at the back! Maybe I will post pictures where you can see it worn later!

That's it for now xx   I hope you enjoy crafting ♪ ♥

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