Montag, 15. Juli 2013

[FRANCE] Great cities: Paris ♥ part 2

Hello lovelies ♥  How are you?

This is part two of my report about my trip to Paris earlier this year!
We used the second day to do a bit of shopping ^__^
I definitely wanted to visit the Lolita shops in Paris! 
We went to Rue Keller where the Boddywood store is located:

 In Rue Keller there were many cute shops who sold a lot of gothic/cosplay/alternative clothing:


Shoe Paradise  ♥ 

And then, finally, we found the Boddywood store ^___^

This is me in front of the store ^__^ I was one happy girl!! ♥ 
I always wanted to visit the Angelic Pretty corner of this store!! And there it was!! ^-^ I was so very excited! At first it was closed and I was really afraid we couldn't go inside, but me and some other French girls who wanted to visit the store managed to find the guy who had the key to the shop

 These funny sticks were located all over Rue Keller!

Ahhh! The store!! A girl took these pictures of the shop and me looking at all the wonderful clothes!! Thanks again ♥ 
They had a lot of clothes and accessoires from Angelic Pretty,  6% dokidoki, Emily Temple Cute, milk, etc. etc. it was like heaven

Cute Blythe doll! ♥ 

Omg these dresses are so amazing ♥  Anyway, we hadn't much time for shopping but I bought a 6% dokidoki hairbow and a milk cutsew ♥ 
Unfortunately we hadn't got the time to go to the Baby, the Stars shine bright store -.- I was very sad about that, but I will definitely visit the store next time I come to Paris! 

Later this evening, we took a walk on the Seine and saw all those beautiful locks on a bridge:

It was a great day

Okay that's it for now, there will be a final part 3 soon including my trip to Versailles ♥ 


  1. Dein Blog ist toll~ danke für deinen Kommentar zu meinem Eintrag über Swap-bot <3 Wieso kenne ich deinen Blog nicht?? Der ist total süß *__*

    1. Vielen Dank!! ^///^ Ich hab gerade erst wirklich angefangen mich aktiver um meinen Blog zu kümmern haha~ bin hochmotiviert! ;) <3