Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Sara Mari's Giveaway! ♥

Good evening everyone,

have you already joined this amazing giveaway over at Sara Mari's blog Moments like Diamonds?
The prizes are soo cute, wow!! *-* Including a camera (!), several cute wigs, My Little Ponies, tattoo tights, gyaru clothing + lashes and much more!  I wish I could win one of these items  ♥

If you want please take a look over here:

Good luck !!  ♥

Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Shopping: Amavel's dollhouse clothing + recent buys

Hello lovelies ♥
How are you?
I haven't posted here for quite a while... my life was super busy >////< So thank you for still following my blog!! ♥

Today I want to introduce to you another one of my favourite japanese fashion brands, named *Amavel* ! ^-^
They make various kinds of clothing, but all of them have one thing in common: They're suiting for a girl living in a doll's house! ^-^
I want to show you some of my favourite *Amavel* coordinates from their website:

I especially love the lilac gingham dress and lilac daisies skirt *-* (I really like lilac clothing at the moment) And also the cute straw hats! I think daisies-print is a big trend in Japan right now~

So today I was very happy to receive a new small parcel~ and inside was this dress in (have a guess) lilac! :)

It's so cute *-* and also has a nice quality ♥

*-* I'm in love! The print at the front is so cute as well as the see-through sleeves. Can't wait to wear this dress ♥

You can find *Amavel* on their website and their Official facebook page !

What are your favourite trends this summer? Let me know in the comments! :)

Have a nice day  ♥

Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

[JAPAN] Great cities: Osaka ♥ Shopping at Shinsaibashi part 3 + recent buys!

Hello dear readers,

I hope you're enjoying winter time, drinking tea and wearing loads of cozy clothing~ ^-^ At least that's what I do!

As promised, this post focuses a bit more on Lolita fashion in Osaka!

Most popular Lolita brands have their shops in Shinsaibashi, I visited Angelic Pretty, Baby, the Stars shine bright, Metamorphose temps de fille, Miho Matsuda, Atelier Pierrot and Innocent World!

My first visit at an IW shop was so good *-* Especially because there was a special Sale at the moment! And... I did something I never did before: I spontaneously decided to buy a new Lolita dress! xD
I tried it on in store and completely fell in love with the design and print ♥ I'll show you pictures later in this post.

Atelier Pierrot!

Btssb! ♥
The shop was quite big~

There was a Lolita Teaparty at Btssb Osaka with AP models as special guests and the shop staff told me that I could join, but unfortunately it was on the day that I left Osaka T__T I was very sad!

In front of the Btssb store with my new big IW bag! :D How shall I stuff this in my suitcase?! 

After Shopping we visited a very cute Maid Café ! 
It was an interesting experience ^-^ All the girls were very friendly, wore cute Maid uniforms, we took polaroids together, they stirred my hot chocolate and draw this cute kitty on my pancakes with chocolate sauce!! ♥

Okay, so.. what's inside my bag~

... IW's Rose and Playing Cards Ladder Lace JSK in brown! 

 (pictures taken from Lolibrary )

I'ts my first Classic Lolita dress and I'm already looking forward to try some Classic coords soon ♥
And here are pictures of the cute shirt I bought at merry jenny:

such a nice packaging!

'promise' print ♥

It was a very nice shopping day! Even better, because we had a nice party with many international guests at my WWOOFing host's house that evening! ^-^ 

But at the same time, it was a bit sad because it was my last evening in Osaka... the last weeks went by so fast!! I will definitely miss Osaka, it's such a nice city with wonderful people, and there are so many more nice places to see that I couldn't visit this time. But at the same time, I was looking forward to my new host in Saitama and my time in Tokyo!!

Bye bye Osaka... see you again soon!

Bonus pic: Even the alcohol is kawaii in Japan xD

Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

3 (+1) Lolita Dream Dresses in your favourite Colourway! ♥

Hello cuties,
How are you? Thanks again for following my blog! ♥

'3 Lolita Dream Dresses in your favourite Colourway'

I saw some blog posts about this recently and thought it's a nice topic to write about~ ^-^
Since I started wearing Lolita fashion in year 2010 I saw a lot of reaaally gorgeous dresses.
Some of them I'd really like to have!
And then there are some dresses... I'm just completely and madly in love with!! ♥

It can be just a small detail that makes them stand out for me, a print theme I really like, beautiful lace, or, a very unique colourway!
This way I developed, as most Lolitas, a personal Lolita - Wishlist (aka dresses to save money for...)

It's still hard to choose only three of them, but here they are: My most-loved Lolita Dream Dresses down to the present day in my favourite colourway~ ^-^

1. AP Star Night Theater OP in pink

 This was my number one Dream Dress since I've started and I'm happy to own it by now^^ 
I love the Circus theme, the detailed print, the way you can combine so many colours with it, it's just perfect! ♥ I think the black and blue colourways are more popular, but I really like the combination of pink and red! (would love to own it in black too though)

2. AP's Fantastic Dolly in lavender

I wanted this dress almost as long as SNT, but sadly couldn't get my hands on it by now! =_=
I've never seen it in real life, neither in Germany, nor here in Japan, and I also hardly see it on Sale anywhere on the Internet! (Maybe I'm always looking at the wrong time..) 
But, I love it anyway very much and hope to have it one day ♥
The soft pink and lavender colour combined with black, the very cute cosmetics print and the unique collar are what I like most about Fantastic Dolly ♥ If you see it somewhere for Sale, please let me know!

3. AP's Lady Rose JSK in mint

Awww I'm just digging AP's Rose prints ♥ ♥ I already own Tiara Rose in light blue and I would like to have Rose Bouquet in pink as well... 
About Lady Rose I like in particular that it is very elegant yet sweet and that I could wear it in a Hime Gyaru inspired coord ^-^ I love Hime Gyaru! 
I chose the mint colourway because I don't have any mint - coloured Lolita dresses yet, but honestly, I would take it in every colourway! So pretty ♥

( 4. - AP's Dream Sky JSK in light blue )

Aaaand, because I couldn't decide on only 3 dresses, here is a fourth one ♥
I love the cute stars print and that it really looks unlike other Lolita dresses ^-^ It has a more Fairy Kei-like feeling for me and I want to wear it with Accessoires from Nile Perch or Spank! Also, I think it would be good for more casual outfits, creepy-cute coords, and many more! Light blue colourway looks the cutest in my opinion!

So, these are my current Dream Dresses! Do you like them? Of course they're all from Angelic Pretty haha~ Even though I like other brands as well, AP is just my favourite store!
And since I know some of you are also wearing Lolita fashion, please tell me: 

Is there that one dress you always wanted to have? ^-^

Hope you have a nice day!
All pictures taken from hellolace .

Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

[JAPAN} Great cities: Osaka ♥ Shopping at Shinsaibashi part 2

Hello lovelies,
I hope you all had a great start in the new year!
I want to show you more nice places for shopping in Shinsaibashi, Osaka today! ^-^ Shinsaibashi is not only a good place for Gyaru shopping, but also for Lolita! Plus, we went there at Halloween time, so we could see many people walking around in nice and funny costumes, Cosplay, etc.!

My two friends and me visited the following places:

1. Shinsaibashi OPA - more pictures xD

Some additional pictures of gyaru shops at OPA! I already showed you some in my last post.

They had a special collaboration with Kokokim at Glad News, so cool *-*

2.  Kera Shop

The next place we went to after OPA was Kera shop!  You can easily walk there from OPA, although it's a bit hard to find. One half of the shop is punk/goth and the other half is cute/Lolita and some cosplay!

beautiful dresses!

... and very cute accessories!

Love this dress ♥

Shop staff at Kera shop ♥

Besides Kera shop you can find Miho Matsuda and a corner where you can fix your hair and Make-Up (and I think you can buy some wigs and Circle lenses there too!)

So after visiting Kera shop, we went to...

3. Streets of Shinsaibashi :D

While walking through the streets you can find many nice clothing shops!

...and look what we found!:D My alltime-favourite store, Angelic Pretty!!
You can find directions + more pictures here !

I love it so much

It was not allowed to take pictures inside, but let me tell you, this store is just adorable, aww ♥ ♥
 It was the first time I could try on all these beautiful AP dresses in store! And I spent a looong time there doing so haha, I was so happy! ♥

In the same street you can find Gothic&Lolita Used clothing store 'Near'!  It's not as big as, for example, Closet Child, but still worth a visit! They also have a nice selection of Vivienne Westwood shoes and accessory~

Of course, there are even more Lolita stores, like Metamorphose, Baby, the Stars shine bright and Innocent World, where I unexpectedly spent a lot of money... but I will tell you about that in another post!

Are there any new styles you want to try in the new year? Anything that inspires you at the moment? Please, let me know~

Have a nice day! ♥ ♥